Tropical Island Escape 3D Screensaver

Tropical Island Escape 3D Screensaver

Tropical Island Escape 3D Screensaver brings a piece of paradise to your desktop
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Are you very stressed because of the city life?
Would you like to getaway from the daily routine and troubles, and escape to paradise?
Can you imagine being in a small, beautiful island in the middle of the ocean, where there is nothing that can remind you about all those problems that you finally managed to leave behind?

Tropical Island Escape 3D Screensaver brings a piece of paradise to your desktop.

This awesome screensaver will really transport you to paradise.
You will go to a gorgeous island, in the middle of a clear blue waters ocean.
The place is all yours. Nobody is there to disturb your peace.
The only sounds you hear are the gentle waves against the shore, and some marine birds singing once in a while.
Around you, the clear water, and at the distance, nothing but the sun.
Your mind starts relaxing and drifting away.

But you haven't finished your journey yet.
You will be able to see how the sun starts going down at the distance, and the sky and clouds begin changing colors.
They will change from blue and white to different shades or yellows, oranges and reds.

You stay staring in awe as the colors continue changing during the sunset.
And the it is morning again.
Tropical Island Escape 3D Screensaver will surely allow you to relax and go to paradise.
Just remember to go back to work after while.

FS Senior editor
Fernando Soni
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